What to Do if You Lost Your Wallet While Traveling

Whether you're traveling abroad or just commuting to work, losing a wallet is a stressful situation that'll leave you panicked and scared. Whether you dropped your wallet while leaving the train or think someone stole it, there's little you can do to find it. Luckily, you can prevent identity theft and someone using your cards if you act quickly.

The best protection is prevention and learning where to keep your valuables when traveling is crucial for their safety. However, if you lost your wallet or think it was stolen, don't wait a second longer and start taking action immediately.

Wondering what to do if you lost your wallet? Here are the best steps to take to protect your identity and assets.

Don't Panic

Losing your wallet can be terrifying, whether you're in your home country or abroad. Although your first instinct is to panic, it's important to try and stay calm and collected.

Drink some water, take a few deep breaths, and consider the next steps. These situations are best approached with a cool head and logical thinking.

Call Your Credit Card Company

As soon as you realize your wallet is missing, call your credit card companies and banks to let them know. The bank will freeze your assets so if someone tries to use your card for unauthorized purchases, they won't be able to.

Most credit card companies and banks will issue you a new emergency card along with some emergency funds to help you out.

File a Police Report

After you contact your bank, head to your nearest police station and file a police report. Though they may not find your wallet, this can protect you from identity theft, which is very likely to happen if someone stole or found your wallet.

Contact Your Embassy (If You're Abroad)

If you're traveling abroad and lost your wallet, contact your embassy immediately. They'll be able to help you in case of identity theft, especially if you also lost your personal identification documents and passport as well.

Most embassy websites have special "I lost my wallet what, do I do?" pages and FAQs that you can read to learn about the next steps.

Call Someone to Send You Money

One of the worst things you can experience is being stuck abroad with no money. Even if you lost your wallet on the train or in a bar in your hometown, you need money to go back home.

In this case, call a friend, family member, reliable co-worker, or a neighbor to send you or bring you money. If you also lost your credit cards, ask them to transfer money using services like Moneygram or Western Union.

Now You Know What to Do If You Lost Your Wallet

Now that you know what to do if you lost your wallet, take these lessons with you on your next trip. To prevent this from happening again, we recommend stepping up your luggage game and getting a travel-safe bag.

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