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Stay protected without sacrificing fashion!

 What’s the one accessory you rely on for carrying your most valued items? Your purse, of course. Anyone who carries a purse knows you can’t just pick the first one that catches your eye in a store. This purse has to be comfortable on the body, big enough to store your stuff, and fashionable enough to match any outfit you pair it with.

Offero Handbags promises a quality bag with “patent pending locking straps and zippers, RFID shielding pockets, and slash-proof lining.” The bags also feature handmade chain detailing and real Italian leather and suede. Whether you’re traveling the world or just walking through the city, Offero Handbags provides a high-quality purse that you can trust to keep your belongings safe, while still looking cute.


Offero offers a variety of sizes and styles to cater to any desire. For an evening out, my favorite style is the LA COBALT. It’s the perfect size for carrying your valuables, and won’t be too heavy for a long night out. The exterior of the bag is a beautiful royal blue and features 100% Italian leather, and an interchangeable wristlet cuff and shoulder strap. The interior is Offero’s signature Italian suede, in a luxurious emerald green. With this bag, you won’t have to worry about theft or losing any of your belongings. It has many anti-theft features, including an actual combination lock. The lock is small and styled to look as if it’s just another accessory on the bag, so your security secret will be safe and stylish.  

For more of an everyday bag, I suggest the Manhattan. This bag comes in a beautiful walnut brown or classic black. It is crafted from 100% Italian leather, and the interior features two cell phone pockets and the classic Italian suede. It’s fashionable enough to go with any outfit, and also attractive and professional enough to take to the office. When stepping out, you always want to present your best self without sacrificing your protection. Any old purse you buy just won’t cut it; you need a high-quality brand you can trust. You’ll always feel protected when traveling the world or just walking around the city, for every Offero Handbag features many anti-theft components. An inconspicuous combination lock, a strap locking mechanism, and twaron slash-proof interfacing are a few to name. Specifically, the Manhattan embodies everything you want and need in a beautiful purse that will keep your belongings protected and keep you looking professional. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality brand to keep yourself fashionable and your valuables secured, Offero Anti-Theft Handbags is a perfect choice. They’re made from 100% Italian leather, the “most desirable materials sourced in Italy, and are all domestically made in the United States to ensure the highest level of artisanship matched with quality.” Every bag provides anti-theft protection features that include combination locking straps and zippers, slash-proof lining, and RFID shielding pockets. They also feature Offero’s signature emerald green suede interior, an elegant touch to these stunning bags. The best part? When purchasing an Offero Handbag, you help give back and make a difference in communities all over the world. Offero is “committed to aiding disaster relief efforts in affected communities around the globe. Through partnerships with local church parishes, a percentage of all sales go towards the production of our bags of essential items and supplies for those in need after natural disasters.” You feel a presence of good and selflessness when buying this brand, for you are helping to give back to the less fortunate of the world and the communities who have to live through these tragedies. Incredibly, these handcrafted bags are not just designed to keep you safe and fashionable, whether you’re traveling the world, or just walking to the office, but also to help those in need.