Authentic handbag craftsmanship meets beautiful, innovative design for here and now.

Our signature collection of Offero handbags are all made with unique, functional elements to empower you to feel bold and confident whether you are walking the busy city streets of Manhattan or just spending an afternoon with friends shopping in Beverly Hills. From the materials we use in our bags, to our patent-pending features, Offero handbags keep your valuables safe and secured for any occasion.

Offero Handbag Features:

  • 100% Lined with Twaron Slash-Proof Fabric: The fabrics utilized in our handbags are five times stronger than steel. Twaron has high-impact capabilities and is the same material used in body armor. Not even an X-ACTO knife or box cutter would be able to get through to your valuable belongings.
  • Patent-Pending Strap & Combination Lock: You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about sneaky fingers opening up your purse and taking your phone or money. Offero uses a patent-pending combination lock technology on the shoulder strap to keep them safely locked in crowded areas.
    We've also added a detachable chain strap so you can always feel assured carrying your handbag or even hang around your chair as you enjoy a morning coffee without worrying that someone will slip your bag away from you.
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Shielding Floating Interior Pocket: RFID shielding keeps your credit cards, driver’s license, passport, and even hotel room keys safe from electronic pickpocketers that try to steal your info and even your identity from afar.
  • Water Resistant: The “Miami” handbag uses unique water-resistant Italian leather on the exterior and nylon interior to help protect your precious belongings from the rain or a day at the beach. 

By using the most desirable materials sourced in Italy with inventive features for the person of today, Offero handbags make sure you look your best and always feel protected.