Offero Handbags: Luxurious Anti-Theft Purses

I’ve traveled a lot through the years and each trip I try and make my security a priority. With Offero Handbags I’m bringing security to my everyday accessory, my purse!

Whether you’re running errands, grabbing lunch with a friend, or taking in the sites, safety should be a priority. Offero Handbags can help protect your belongings and make it challenging for thieves to rip your bag, or cut the strap!

More than a decade ago, I traveled to San Antonio with my two small children and my girlfriend and her son. We were shopping in a tourist area and her bag was grabbed. It was a horrible experience. It was also something my young, naive self-had never considered.

I still believe the world is safer than we are lead to believe and that the majority of people are good. I also realize there are some bad seeds out there and as my dad says, it’s our job to “keep the honest people honest”.

If you aren’t familiar with anti-theft bags, they are created with built-in safety features. They’re the details that go a long way. You may also know anti-theft bags as “theft-proof bags” or “slash-proof bags”.

Some of the safety features you’ll find in an anti-theft bag are:

o    lightweight, slash-proof fabric

o    Strong wire built into the straps

o    Locking latches on the zipper

o    RFID lining to keep debit and credit card information safe

Now that we’ve talked about anti-theft bags, I’d like to introduce you to Offero Handbags Miami.

It is a stunner! 

Offero’s Miami handbag is crafted to perfection with handmade detailing. It’s made right here in the United States and has some luxurious details that will make this your favorite designer bag!

The exterior is crafted with 100-percent Italian Saffiano Leather. It’s water resistant and incredibly soft to the touch.

Inside it the Offero Signature Emerald Green Nylon, which is also water-resistant. There are two interior pockets–one RFID Shielding and a Twaron Slash-Proof Floating Pocket. 

The Offero Miami handbag is LARGE. It is 16-inches in width, stands 15-inches tall and has a depth of six-inches. the shoulder strap is 17.5-inches long with a nine-inch drop.

There’s an interior floating zipper pocket that is 11-inches in length and 10-inches deep.

What sets the Offero Miami Handbag apart is its Anti-Theft Features:

  • Offero Patent Pending Combination Lock (Carrying Capacity: 10 lbs)
  • Offero Patent Pending Secure Strap Locking Mechanism
  • Twaron Slash-Proof Floating Pocket
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Shielding Floating Pocket

I chose the Navy and Silver Offero Miami, but it also comes in a Copper and Ivory.

This handbag is gorgeous. It is luxurious in look and touch, and I know my belongings are safe, the exterior can resist an X-Acto blade! 

If you travel often, live in a large city, or just want the security of knowing your handbag is the keeper of your belongings, consider Offero Handbags.