The Surprising Statistics About Stolen Purses

There's nothing more anxiety-inducing than fruitlessly searching for your purse or wallet.

The purse-snatcher trope is unfortunately still all too real. It can leave many women wondering how they can comfortably carry a bag around in public.

The statistics behind purse and wallet thefts could shock anybody, whether they tote a bag around with them or not.

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It's Unlikely You'll Get Stolen Purses Back

Did you know that only 28% of stolen property in the U.S. is returned to its owner?

This kind of statistic can make you hesitate when you set your purse down at a restaurant or cafe. Anyone could jump to take it, and the odds of having it returned to you are pretty low.

It's best to make sure you never let your purse out of your sight. Wearing a cross-body purse can eliminate some of the threat of theft. Make sure you wear the purse in front of you when wearing a cross-body purse.

Larceny Theft Occurs Multiple Times a Minute

Larceny theft is theft like pickpocketing or purse theft. The FBI reported that larceny occurs every 5.4 seconds.

With purse and wallet snatches happening so often, you can wonder how you can keep your purse safe. Keeping it at your feet is not enough when you're out with a group of friends.

Thieves often use knives to slash thin-strapped purses hanging off shoulders, grab them, and run. Invest in a purse that has thicker straps or is a chainlink cord.

Identity theft is a growing problem. Once a thief has your purse and your license and credit cards, you can become a victim. Don't lose your identity to a weak purse strap!

Survey Found 2/3 People Have Lost Money Holder

Between wallets, purses, and money clips, thieves have a lot of options when it comes to theft. A survey of 509 people ran by MoneyTips in 2018 found that 2/3 people have had their money holder stolen.

Theft is all about gaining valuables. Thieves are after stolen purses for the wallets inside, which are loaded up with your credit cards and all of your identification info.

Even if a thief can't grab your purse, RFID readers can get your credit card information through a purse or wallet without even needing to touch it. Buying a purse built with RFID reader-proof material is a good way to ensure a thief can't digitally "steal" your purse.

Keeping Your Purse Safe

The idea of stolen purses shouldn't deter you from bringing your bag out and about with you. Where else are you going to keep a snack, tissues, lip balm, your car keys, an extra lip balm, and–well, you get the point.

Practicing street smarts and buying a purse that protects against theft is the best way to make sure you never lose any of your belongings to a thief.

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