5 Things in Your Wallet that RFID Protection Can Save

Your personal data is always at risk. Even if you never purchased a thing online or used an ATM, your payment information can be stolen from one of the least likely places – your wallet.

Even if you never lose your wallet or it doesn’t get stolen, criminals can use RFID skimming to access your personal data.

Do you want to learn how to protect what’s in your wallet from criminals? Read on to learn more about skimming and what needs RFID protection.

What is RFID Skimming?

As the has become more and more digital, the banking industry has tried to keep up to provide payment solutions that are secure and convenient.

There are many types of digital payment methods and these are embedded in your card. One of them is RFID, which relies on a radio frequency to work.

The threat is that someone with an RFID skimming device could pick up on these signals and capture the information in the signals – your payment information or personal data.

What Needs RFID Protection

Now that you’re aware of what RFID skimming is, what can hackers really get? Here are a few things that need protecting from skimmers.

1. Credit Cards & Debit Cards

Credit cards have utilized contactless payment, which can rely on RFID technology to work. For users, it’s an easy way to pay for things. Just scan your card with an RFID reader at a retail store or even some forms of public transportation and the funds are withdrawn from your account.

2. Gift Cards

Yes, your gift cards have a chip, too. The thing to remember with gift cards is that once someone retrieves those funds, you have no recourse to get them refunded. It’s like losing a wad of cash.

3. Passports

Passports have an RFID chip to enable easy scanning when you travel. It’s supposed to speed up the customs process. However, the information contained on your passport can be personal data that’s bought and sold on the market. That’s used for ID theft.

4. Driver’s License  

Your driver’s license can also benefit from RFID protection. This is because like your passport, there is a lot of personal data contained in that little chip.

5. ID Cards

College ID cards and most other cards have some kind of personal data attached to them. For example, a college ID car may have your social security number, date of birth, and your meal balance to pay for meals at the cafeteria.

Other forms of ID could have similar information attached, depending on the form of ID. Even contactless subway cards could be using RFID. The skimmer may be able to get to your subway card balance if you’re not careful.

These cards could use RFID, which means that they’ll need to be protected. You’ll want to make sure that you use handbags that offer RFID protection to protect your personal data.

Using RFID Protection

How can you protect your personal data as it sits in your bag or your pocket? Fortunately, there are a lot of products on the market that are designed to block RFID signals from capturing your personal data.

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